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Press Release - Triumph Engine Rebuild

Some say he's the missing link between human beings and the koala. Others claim to have seen him take Joey Dunlop under brakes, at Creg-ny-Baa, on his 1986 Triumph. Riding it backwards. And stopping for a mid-corner pint. Whatever the truth, and in his case it is most definitely stranger than fiction, when it comes time to give a Triumph the once over, there's only one man for the job. His name is Kog.

Now, he shares his secrets in Triumph Engine Rebuild, on four exclusive DVDs, available for just $40 a set.

You don't even need to own a 1986 Bonneville to enjoy this amazing production. Can you imagine a better way to spend an afternoon than watching a bloke pull a bike apart and put it back together again, while you relax on the couch, having a few beers, marvelling at what you're seeing? And if you're copping a head job from the missus too…Well, life just doesn't get any better, really.

If you own a Bonneville, Kog will show you some amazing tricks and short cuts that you'll wish you'd known earlier, because it would have made those 42 engine rebuilds so much easier.

Order at Kogs website www.greengrasspub.com.au and he'll chuck in a free Growers Calendar. No, he hasn't worked out how to grow Bonnevilles, but what he does grow makes you feel just as good when you try it.

Kog's Triumph Engine Rebuild - 4 DVD Video!

Not a professional mechanic? Nor is Kog! But watch how Kog strips back the entire engine on his classic 1986 Bonneville Triumph motorbike and puts it all back together! Kog has been riding Triumphs for over 30 years, including a 1950 T100, a 1969 650 Trophy and this 1986 Bonneville purchase new and in ridable condition ever since, for over 500,000kms and countless rebuilds! Kog know's his way around this bike!

Learn about rebuilding a classic Triumph motorcycle engine!

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • An easy way to take apart the engine using the back brake
  • Replacing the Clutch Rubbers
  • Setting the Timing
  • Tensioning the Head
  • Alternator Know-how
  • Value Adjustment
  • Workshop Layout and Parts Management
  • Getting to know your bike
  • Cleaning the bike parts
  • Gaskets
  • Putting it all back together

Kog's Brand New Project! Triumph Engine Rebuild!

After riding Triumph motorcycles for over 30 years and a million miles, Kog shares his experience keeping a Triumph bike going, including a full engine rebuild on his 1986 model Bonneville. This DVD set is 4 hours long over 4 DVD Discs - a comprehensive and detailed instructional video!


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