The Spirit Journey of Kog

...the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me GOD

Spirit Message for Kog, 14th May 2005

"When the light and love become one, you will know the way to heal hearts and ease pain. Go forth and spread my name. I am Jazu (Jesus). I come to you to ask you to help heal the world. Your Mother, the earth, is crying and she needs your help. Pray, pray often and ask the collective consciousness of the peoples of the world to heal her heart. She is dying and your prayer will help her heal. All will be revealed soon. I am the light, the way, hear what I say and pray now. Ask for forgiveness of the destruction of the world and heal her pain." - The Divine Spirit

The Spirit Journey of Kog
66 pages laminated softcover
$20 + postage worldwide

This is Kog's 66th reincarnation as a human being and hopefully the last. If he doesn't write this book, he'll be back again for another incarnation. So for Christ's sake, get it right.

Jazu, Divine Spirit. Member of Christ Council