Kog's collected writings from Two Wheels magazine.

Motorcycle rallies, for me, represent freedom. Back in the 1980's and 90's there were heaps of rallies all over Australia. One every weekend of the year if you had the stamina (and the freedom). A reliable motocycle helped. But most of us rode old second hand bikes on the cheap and the hardships in getting to a rally added to the camaraderie.

Great mateship, plenty of beer, tall stories around the campfire and the love of motorcycling kept you coming back for the hext one.

My first rally was the Alpine Rally of 1976 when I was 19 years old on a Yamaha RD 350. I was hooked and wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

By 1986 I was writing a monthly column on rallies for Two Wheels magazine. Getting paid to go to rallies and take photos. Great times. I even put out my own magazine in 1993 called "Rallyman". Then in 1994 the first Rallyman Rally was organised. However I lost my freedom in 1995. Everything stopped for me till 2002 when the Rallyman Rally was revived at Grevillia. Now 14 years later the Rallyman Rally is going stronger than ever.

Most of the old rallies have died off. Compiling these rally columns from Two Wheels magazine has provided a snapshot of what rallying was like for me.

Thanks to the editors of Two Wheels Magazine during this time period, - Bill McKinnon, John Rooth & Mick MAtheson. I still love going to rallies. Cheers, Kog 2016.

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