Kog's Story - A Grower's Lot

In 1995, Kog was busted with 8,000 marijuana seedlings. The cops valued these worthless little plants at $2,000 each and sentenced Kog to 2 years in prison for being in possession of $16 Million dollars worth of marijuana.

Kog is a family man and university educated graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Business Management. So while he was incarcerated, Kog learned more about the legal aspects of growing marijuana and spoke with his peers about growing the world's favorite plant. After he got out of prison, he set about to grow the biggest and the best crop of dope he'd ever grown - and he did.

Kog's Contribution to Cannabis Culture

Unlike other's who may have done their time and moved on, Kog was determined to share his knowledge with the greater community and wrote the groundbreaking seminal book "Marijuana - A Grower's Lot" which Nimbin's Hemp Embassy acclaimed as "A remarkable contribution to cannabis culture" and has been featured in Holland's "High Life" and "Cannabis Lit".

Learn the Secret's for Growing Marijuana as a Cash Crop

  • Choosing Where To Grow
  • The Paranoia Factor
  • The Growing Season
  • Growing Indoors or Outdoors
  • Weighing and Selling
  • Transporting Marijuana
  • Curing and Storing Marijuana
  • Knowing the Law
  • Why Marijuana is Good
  • Bad Years and Good Years
  • Life on the Inside
  • Plea Bargaining
  • Positive Thinking
  • Cosmic Truths & Meaning

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Join the Marijuana Revolution

Kog's message to all of us is simple: FUCK THE SYSTEM. The Australian government, like many government's are calling it's citizens criminals for growing and smoking marijuana - one of the least harmful and most useful plants on the planet.

As one of his readers so eloquently told him - "You've got balls". For 10 years now, Kog has promoted and sold his book directly to Australian's and international readers without the help (or permission) of the publishing industry. The only way to get your hands on a copy is via this website!